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A child is born!!

Welcome Sienna Taylor Stewart!

In the crazy times of the pandemic life goes on.  Our son and daughter in law had their first child at the end of April. We are so happy to welcome our third grandchild and first granddaughter. There were some nerves and concern leading up to the birth and my daughter in law was so disappointed when she was told her mother would be unable to be at the hospital with her. New protocols during the pandemic. My son was the only one allowed in with her and told us the experience was great, the hospital felt safe and the staff were wonderful. The birth went well, everyone is healthy and the new parents were back at home in a couple of days learning the ropes of caring for their new baby.

My son has been lucky to continue to work throughout this time and does much of it digitally from home. When he is required to have on site visits he takes all precautions, always concerned for the safety of his wife and Sienna at home. After waiting and working all through the months of her pregnancy his wife had to deal with the disappointment that her maternity leave would consist of time at home baking, cooking meals, and going for walks…alone.  No friends and family with which to await the delivery, except at a distance.  She has her own business as a make-up artist, and esthetician providing eyelash extensions and eyebrow tattooing and her business was shut down in March by government order.  All the weddings for which she was booked have been postponed this summer which is just as well as she is enjoying her time with her new baby.

Luckily with the lifting of some social restrictions we have been allowed to let our bubble overlap with their bubble and I have been able to get to know my new granddaughter in person. Sienna will have a story of her birth to tell that will be unique for the children of this part 2020, born in the first wave of a global pandemic.

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