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A child is born!!

Welcome Sienna Taylor Stewart! In the crazy times of the pandemic life goes on.  Our son and daughter in law had their first child at the end of April. We are so happy to welcome our third grandchild and first granddaughter. There were some nerves and concern leading up to the birth and my daughter […]


The corona virus, wow what a life changer. Novel Toy had a booth at the dreaded Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver this March. We had been on a cruise just prior and back in time for conference.  Another big virus no-no. Conference ended on the 8th and I was sick by Monday 10th.  Pretty sure […]

Oh, Happy Day!

On September 1, 2016 I had the great joy of being present at the birth of my first grandchild, Bennett. My daughter, Lesley gave me the call at 2:00 AM saying she was in labour. I leapt out of bed and with pre-packed bag in hand, headed to the hospital to give what help I […]

It’s a Bolo Party!

On July 23rd Novel Toy proudly hosted its fourth annual Novel Toy Red Solo Bolo Cup Tournament. We invite friends and family to come to our home and place of business and participate in a Bolo tournament. The tournament this year consisted of 32 people in 16 teams of two. Bolo or Bolo Toss as […]

Delivery Problems

I have been using Canada Post for all my deliveries ever since I took over running Novel Toy. I didn’t do this blindly but with thought and research. It was the best answer to my delivery needs. And I still believe that to be true. Other than in a few cases where someone required a […]

So Many Toys, So Little Time

So many boxes! Is it a coven, a gaggle….a murder of boxes? Whatever it is, it’s a lot! We received the order of toys that resulted from our trip to the convention in Vegas in March and it’s overwhelming. I attend the convention to look for new items for Novel Toy to sell but also […]

Convention Time

Novel Toy services a niche market in the toy and novelty world. We provide items for people to GIVE away so obviously our customers want those items at as low a cost as possible. Quite a bit of my time is spent sourcing out goods, not only the toy items but all the bags and […]


A downside to running my own business is trying to get time off, especially time off with Fred as he is my right hand man in Novel Toy. It seems every year that the best time for us to get away is over Christmas and New Years. Many of my clients close their doors during […]

Family Matters

Small businesses take a lot of time and energy. I love what I do and most days I don’t have enough hours to get everything done. That’s where family comes in. Over the years I have relied on and appreciated many hours of work, both paid and unpaid from my extended family. I have employed […]

Helping with the Hard Hats

The weddings of my children are over and fall has fallen. It is back to work as usual at Novel Toy. Fall is a busy time with us as many of my clients offices fill up with children when the new school year starts. Dental appointments, vision testing and the like all come to the […]

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