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Helping with the Hard Hats

The weddings of my children are over and fall has fallen. It is back to work as usual at Novel Toy. Fall is a busy time with us as many of my clients offices fill up with children when the new school year starts. Dental appointments, vision testing and the like all come to the forefront in the fall when everyone is back into their regular routine. Although a large part of my business is providing small toys and games as rewards for children having a dental check up there is another side to what I do. I am often asked by a group, such as a bank, a charity or a school to provide a large number of items to help them with a special event. Sometimes its a large amount of one item such as the bright yellow hard hats I was asked to find for a school in BC that was having a ground breaking event to celebrate a new performing arts centre being built on the property. The staff assembled the student body outside, all outfitted with their hard hats and took a picture during the ceremony. I was delighted to see it in my inbox.

They required 850 hard hats in all and I was happy to be able to get them for the school. Other times I have been asked to provide smaller amounts of many different items when a school or church is having a fair or themed event. I am always up for the challenge of finding something at a price that is suitable and making sure it gets where its going on time.

If you have an event coming up and require some items please consider Novel Toy first before spending hours searching the internet or the dollar stores for it. Let me do the research for you. Drop me an email or call me on the phone. I’m usually the one that answers and will be pleased to discuss what your needs are.


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