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It’s a Bolo Party!

On July 23rd Novel Toy proudly hosted its fourth annual Novel Toy Red Solo Bolo Cup Tournament. We invite friends and family to come to our home and place of business and participate in a Bolo tournament. The tournament this year consisted of 32 people in 16 teams of two. Bolo or Bolo Toss as it’s more formerly known is a fun game that people of all ages and skill levels can play. Those who take it seriously (ahem, Fred) will tell you that there is a big element of skill involved, those who play for fun say it’s all luck. It’s one of those kinds of games. It also goes by other names such as Ladder Golf, Snake Toss, Dingle Balls and Hillbilly Golf to state just a few.

We set up two playing areas, known as Bolo courts and assign the teams and away we go. Much heckling from the spectators is allowed along with the consumption of alcoholic beverages and snacks. It takes a few hours to complete a Round Robin 3 Game Guarantee for 16 teams with a break for an early buffet dinner in the middle. The buffet gets set up right on the table where we do all our sorting and packing for Novel Toy orders. It gives everyone a chance to gawk at all our shelves full of toys and have the occasional hands on experience with them. Everyone seems to have a favourite that they remember from their youth or from when they had small children getting toys from the dentist or birthday party goody bags.

The weather cooperated this year which was not a given as we have had very changeable weather this summer. We provide some covered seating but the Bolo game itself is played on an uncovered area. In four years we have not had to play Bolo in the rain yet! Both of my children and their new spouses were involved in the game as was Fred’s daughter, Katrina. My mom and her partner Frank watched from the sidelines, cheering.

The winners of the tournament this year were my son, Lorne and his wife, Jen. How they keep getting paired up in a random draw is a mystery but since they won this year they will not be able to play together again. No dynasty for them. The Novel Toy Red Solo Bolo Cup is a highly coveted prize and takes its name from the Red Solo cups used to decorate it, many of which are also being used to hold beer during the tournament. The winners get their names attached by a stick-on label and get to keep the cup at their home until next year’s tournament. Highly coveted, indeed!

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