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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I am Anne Stewart, owner of Novel Toy and this is my blog. Seeing as how I am “chief cook and bottle washer” around here who better to tell you about life as a small business owner? I had started my entrepreneurial life years ago by running my own electrolysis business. I loved my job but the repetitive nature of the physical part of electrolysis was taking its toll on me so I closed shop and took a position in the head office of LuLuLemon for three years. Though a great place to work I realized that corporate life was not for me and I longed to be my own boss again. After a searching for a while for a small business to purchase I came across Novel Toy and jumped at the opportunity. Thus began my second go around of being on my own. But, you are never REALLY on your own in a small business and much help came from family and friends in setting up shop in the townhouse that my husband at the time and I owned and lived in.

I was overwhelmed and exhausted at first trying to figure out the systems and programmes that came with the business. My first priority was to make the changeover of ownership as seamless as possible so that what were now MY customers would stay with me. I didn’t want to give anybody any reason to jump ship and go with another supplier. Novel Toy is nothing without its loyal customer base and I wanted to keep them all happy.

I hope I have succeeded!

I am a proud Canadian small business owner. Novel Toy has always been wholly Canadian owned and operated and it is important to me to carry on that tradition. I do a lot of things here that you may not be aware of with the help of several people that I will introduce to you as time goes on. My family is filled with entrepreneurs of all stripes and colours and I hope to let you get to know them as well.

I would love your feedback and comments and thank you for reading this. Let’s talk soon!

Anne Stewart

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