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Oh, Happy Day!

On September 1, 2016 I had the great joy of being present at the birth of my first grandchild, Bennett. My daughter, Lesley gave me the call at 2:00 AM saying she was in labour. I leapt out of bed and with pre-packed bag in hand, headed to the hospital to give what help I could. Thirty-one years prior I had been the one to deliver the first grandchild in my family, also a boy, to my parents. There is a lovely symetry to that for me. Bennett was born on my own grandmother’s birthday which added another anne and bennettlayer of family connectedness. After the usual difficult work of childbirth Bennett was born, healthy and perfect. His mother, father and I were relieved to have the journey over and a beautiful baby in our arms.

The previous year had been one of busyness in helping with the weddings of my two children and I had not really given a thought to being a grandmother. Just not on the radar yet but Lesley and Alex were ready to get on with building their family so along came a baby. I have been surprised by the amount of joy I get from this delightful little bundle and in watching Lesley grow to be a competent and wonderful mother. Since I work full time and Lesley is on maternity leave she comes to visit me once a week at Novel Toy with Bennett and we get to have a visit. Bennett, so far, has been content to spend his naps in a cardboard box we make comfy for him, amongst all the toys.This gives Lesley a chance to help me with Novel Toy business and keep her hand in, in case one day she can work along side me on a more permanent basis.

This Christmas was the first with a baby at the table and though it was just another day to Bennett we felt the change as our family starts to expand. Next year will be fun when Bennett is old enough to appreciate a bit more the decorations and presents and have a bite of turkey. I have to admit that his picture with Santa this year is the cutest thing I’ve seen. I’m prejudiced, of course.

I plan on being a most popluar grandmother as I have a never ending supply of toys with which to tempt Bennett. He is too young to appreciate that now but I have my plans. Hopefully Novel Toy will continue to be a place he can visit regularly and as soon as he can hold a tape gun and count to ten he can be Grandma’s little helper! I’ve lost my senior employees, my mother, June and her partner Frank to retirement so someone has to pick up the slack. But for now Bennett is a charming little guy to have around, growing in leaps and bounds, active and bright and the light of my life.

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