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The corona virus, wow what a life changer.

Novel Toy had a booth at the dreaded Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver this March.

We had been on a cruise just prior and back in time for conference.  Another big virus no-no.

Conference ended on the 8th and I was sick by Monday 10th.  Pretty sure not the virus but very sick flu and cold symptoms.  My husband became ill immediately after.

We called into health Canada and were told to self-isolate for 14 days.  We did.  Too sick to do much for the first week.  We had our son drop off groceries and we carried on.

Our first trip out felt odd.  We were uncomfortable.  Watching the news daily and feeling overwhelmed with the speed the world was changing.

We continue to keep mostly to ourselves.  We have had some SDM (social distancing meets) to break up the time.

Novel Toy trudges on.  We are open for business but our main customer, dentists, are mostly closed.

Since the middle of March, we have had about 5 orders.  Individuals purchasing Dr John’s Sugar Free Candies.

We have spent the time cleaning up the office warehouse space.  Packs are all made and ready to go.

It is only myself and my husband working here.  No others are in our working space.  We are both well and keeping our distance from others.

We look forward to getting back to business.  Supplying toys and rewards for children.

Thank you for all the front-line workers, we appreciate what you do for us.

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