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Wedding, weddings, weddings! It is that time of life for me and many of my friends…our children are getting married. Both of mine decided to get married in the same year, NOT what I would have chosen but it wasn’t up to me. I have two kids, a son, Lorne and a daughter, Lesley. I love them both madly and am very happy they decided to marry their long term love interests. When dates were being chosen and plans made all I could ask of them was that they do not get married in the same month. Please, have mercy on your mother! They conferred on the problem and it was decided that Lesley would marry her fiance Alex in March and Lorne would marry his fiancee Jennifer in September. All was well. Then the planning began….

Both of the weddings were traditional with beautiful brides in long white gowns, men in suits and many attendants. Dinner, flowers, photos and music, so much to be decided. Though it was a stressful time, in the end the weddings were lovely, going off without a hitch and both couples went off on exotic honeymoons. Though the childrens’ father and I are no longer together we worked as a team on behalf of the kids, even giving a shared speech at Lorne’s wedding. I had the pleasure of walking my son down the aisle while Lesley’s father, Gary walked her down the aisle for her ceremony.

I couldn’t have survived the wedding planning and hosting of pre-wedding bridal parties without the support and hard work of Fred, my husband. He ran the business when I had to be helping Lesley pick out a bridal gown or cooking for Lorne’s rehearsal dinner for 30. He was indispensable to me so kudos to you Fred! Your daughter is next!!

Novel Toy can supply party favours, mini bubble bottles, decorations and many things for “themed” and traditional weddings. Call me and discuss what you might need to add some fun to your reception. Both of my children had “fun photo booths” at their weddings where guests could choose from a selections of goofy hats and props. Do all the guests need to wear a tiara or a crown? I can get that for you. So happy planning if there is a wedding in your future and I look forward to talking to you


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